Water Missions International

Water Missions International has recently been selected for this year’s organization we are teaming up with. For the past two years, we have teamed up with the American Red Cross and their Haiti relief efforts. This year, we have shifted from relief to restoring communities and helping solve the dirty water and cholera outbreak crisis.

WMI is based off a Christian ministry from Charleston, South Carolina. They work around the world with different countries in need. We are specifically teaming up with them for their efforts in Haiti.

A child should not be too sick to go to school because of the water he drinks. A mother should not have to haul disgusting water in filthy containers for miles because she and her family have no other option. A village should not drink, bathe and cook with water from the same source. Human and animal waste should not defile drinking water. But this is the life of more than 884 million people in the world…right now. This is why Water Missions International exists: we know the world doesn’t have to be this way. Water is meant to bring life, not death.

Water Missions International provides safe water – liquid hope – to those who have none, both in developing countries and disaster areas. Through one-of-a-kind engineering innovations, WMI is transforming communities and changing lives every day.

Check out this video from Water Missions International: http://vimeo.com/10214066

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