Benefit Concert Recap

On February 18, 2012, we hosted the third annual benefit concert for Haiti. The benefit concert is a way to bring our cause to a new light to a variety of people from high school and college students to their parents and adults in the community. Most students feel as if they are only a teenager and can’t do much to make a difference, but with this event they can have fun and also give back to the people of Haiti.

We had hoped to start the evening promptly at 6:45 PM, but with set up and many sound checks to do, we fell a few minutes behind and started at 6:55. Many people were very anxious and excited, and when the doors opened a huge crowd came through, ready for a night full of fun. With many people coming and going, we had about 230 people total. It is such an awesome turn out and we hope that everyone who came out enjoyed the event.

Orlando Broady and Gavin Atkins kicked off the night with one song to get the crowd going and following him was the Bryce Merritt band. They played 4 songs, a few originals and the rest were covers. The next performance was Maddi Mauk, who played an acoustic set. We took a break from the music to recognize and thank all of our sponsors and also to bring Mallory Fundora on stage. Mallory is an 11 year old who has started her own organization, Project Yesu. It is like ours, but focuses on helping the children of Uganda. She had a table set up during the event to sell t-shirts and by bringing her up, it brought attention to her organization. Mallory later reported she sold around $300 in merchandise. Jeremy Williams, Jay-D, got us going again and sang his newest single. Following him was our surprise guest, Jenna Davis and David Burks. This was Jenna’s first time performing and she was definitely a fan favorite. We took another break from the music and picked volunteers to participate in a few “Minute to Win it” games. These are always fun and the winners of each game walked away with a gift card, and the losers a Relove Haiti sticker.

This event wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a tribute to Jack Amos and Amy Stringer. While everyone was still sitting from the games, Chris Crow played a song which had slides of pictures of the two with their friends. To lighten the mood back, The Beautiful Refrain played songs from their 2 CD’s and Chris Crow came back to close the show. We had such an amazing night and couldn’t have done it without the help of all of our sponsors, everyone who purchased a shirt, and all those who came out for the event. We cannot thank you enough!



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