On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the small, third-world country of Haiti. Instantly, everyone in the world thought of ways they could help the relief efforts.

There were many celebrities enticing people to donate money, many phone marathons set up to raise awareness, and many billions of dollars raised to help the country in need. As part of the youth of Clarksville, Tennessee, we also wanted to help.

While it seems that the impact that the youth can have is not as significant as some celebrities, it is just as powerful. We decided to hold a benefit concert last year, by the youth and for the youth. Our entire goal of the show was to give the youth of Clarksville something to be proud of and some way to say that they helped the Haitian relief efforts. Our mission, as an organization, is to continually search for more opportunities for the rising generation of Clarksville, Tennessee, to make an impact.

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