In an effort to raise awareness among the youth of Clarksville, we held our first annual benefit concert on February 13, 2010. The concert was held only one month after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. With no particular goal in mind and 100% of all the proceeds made that night going straight to the American Red Cross, we did not expect any thing. We had high hopes, but also planned for the worst. In fact (not many people know this), but the power went out in the building at about 6:48, right before the show was about to start at 7:00. So as you can see, the event was a long shot, but it turned out to be a huge success. It turned out to be greater than we ever could have imagined it. We nearly maxed out the capacity of the building with a staggering 150+ high school students who came out to support our cause.

We made t-shirts, flyers, business cards and posters to sell and put all around the schools to promote the event! The admission charge was only five dollars for the entire night and the concession stands were very cheap as well. Every single penny that we made on February 13, 2010 was donated straight to the Haiti relief efforts. In all, we raised about $1,500. That is an amazing number considering that we were expecting nothing!

After all the struggles, the lost time, and expenses, everything was worth it. To see a group of high school students come together and raise that much money on one night in just a few hours is unthinkable. Nobody else expected us to succeed, but we proved them wrong. We shall continue to thrive and build off this hype to continue to do amazing things in our city and throughout the world.

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