Josh Motley

The benefit concert was the most amazing experience that we have ever been a part of. We are so blessed and proud of our youth for showing up and making an impact. We hope you enjoyed the event and we are very excited to start planning for more events in the future.

On February 19, 2011 at 6:52 PM, we kicked off the second annual benefit concert for Haiti. We were running a little behind on sound checks, so all the doors were closed and locked. While they were finishing up inside, I took a look outside the doors and saw there were nearly 50 people lined up waiting to get in! I knew it was going to be a great night after that.

The night started off with the “We Are The World 25” video by multiple famous and talented artists. Then the music entertainment kicked off with Melika McClendon performing all original music. The next performance was the Relevant Band with a few covers of some amazing songs. Joel Crouse, the heartthrob sensation of the night was the next performance singing a few original songs and some covers of songs by John Mayer.

The next part of the concert was a time for everyone to cool down before the closing performances. We played 6 different games from the hit TV show, “Minute To Win It”. Many prizes were given out from our sponsors including ThinkGeek, 147MillionOrphans and a special autographed CD and drumsticks from The Band Perry. We thank our sponsors for making this such a wonderful event and helping us give back to our supporters. Jason Roy, from Building429, shared his story about his experience in Haiti. Instantly the crowd went dead silent as they listened to the heart-wrenching story of the death toll in Haiti. After the amazing speech that touched many people in the crowd, it was time for more music!

LoveSkrub got us pumped back up and ready for the last two performances. The night concluded with Josh Motley and Jay-D rapping. We had an awesome night and raised a staggering $1,800 from the benefit concert alone. Everybody was looking great in their shirts and we strongly encourage you to wear them proudly around your community! Thank you for all who have helped put together this event, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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